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The Remaining By D.J. Molles

The Remaining

So after Lee slit the mans' throat, he led Sam back to his house and showed him the bunker.  After getting Sam some water and letting him relax and calm down, Lee asked what Sam has see while he was on the road.  Sam said he saw packs of the infected working together, and that he saw people on top of a house near Lee's place.  Once Lee heard this he knew he had to try to save them.  He made a simple plan of driving down towards the house in his truck, pick up any survivors, and high tail it back to the house before night.  So after telling Sam about his closet of equipment and how he shouldn't mess with any of the gear inside, Lee set off.  Once Lee got close to the house, he parked his truck on the side of the road and went to rest of the distance on foot.  As he approached, Lee a mother and a child lying on the roof of the house.  But before he could get closer, three infected came running out of the house towards him.  Lee took out the first two easily but took him another shot to finish off the last one.  He quickly found a ladder and helped to two down and gave them some water and vitamins.  He learned that the mother's name was Angela and the daughter's name was Anne.  While walking back to the truck, a humvee and a purple truck were parked and blocking his truck.  Then Lee noticed a group of men walking towards them and quickly ran back to the tree line behind Angela's house to avoid the group.  So now Lee is without a truck in the woods with two heavily dehydrated girls and a group of possibily dangerous armed men looking for them.