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The Remaining By D.J. Molles

The Remaining

So after clearing the Peterson's house, Lee was about to head back home but something stopped him.  A red truck was chasing a father and his son, once the truck caught up to them, a group of men with rifles got out,surrounded and killed the father while the son ran towards the house.  When the son got near Lee, Lee quickly scooped him up and ran into the woods without being noticed.  Once Lee felt there was a good distance between them and the men he stopped and hid the kid, Sam, and went back to kill the men in the red truck.  When Lee got back he saw two guys outside the house and didn't know how many were inside.  Lee took the first two easily with his M4, and saw the rest running towards the truck.  He loaded his 40mm grenade launcher and blew up the truck just before the guys reached the truck.  Lee killed the rest except the one who killed Sam's Father and took him Sam.  Once Lee and the man reached Sam, Lee gave Sam the option to kill the man or let him go, Sam chose to let him go.  So Lee walked the man out of Sam's sight and slit his throat anyway