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The Remaining By D.J. Molles

The Remaining 3/26

So a lot of stuff has happened since my last blog, Lee has left the safety of his bunker to scout the surrounding area.  Lee's first attempt at scouting was cut short when leaving his house he was attacked by an infected girl who tried to kill him but only stabbed him in the leg.  Lee quickly retreated back into the house and ran into the bunker, quickly treating his wound.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad and he could heal the wound himself, but after his run in with the infected girl, Lee wasn't going out again that day.  The next day, Lee was a little more careful and got all the way to the closest house to his, the Petersons.  Lee kinda knew the Petersons, he went hunting with the husband a few times and watched sports a couple of times at there house.  When he got to the house he found the wife and daughter killed and the husband infected, Lee quickly put him down and then out of respect buried them in the back yard.